Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide World-Wide Internet exposure via a unique artistic expression (full-color digital interactive community map) featuring our local businesses along with roads, schools, churches, parks and historic sites specifically designed to promote the unique spirit and history of our towns, cities, neighborhoods and communities and to encourage the support of local businesses. Our mission is vital because we need to re-focus attention on our local businesses who provide the economic foundation of our towns and cities by providing jobs, collecting and paying taxes and re-investing their time and resources locally as they compete with on-line shopping.  Economic studies have shown that for every $100 spent locally, $68 stays in the community helping to maintain a solid economic foundation.

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Integrates with Google Streetview

Integrates with Google Streetview

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Local business owners are our neighbors and the first to step up to sponsor our kids little league teams, volunteer their time for charitable causes and contribute to local non-profits.

Online Presence

Businesses can’t survive today without social media and the internet.  Google accounts for over 65% of all search activity on the internet.  Forty percent 40% of business owners are using social media in general to generate sales.  Our unique and customized business microsites on our Digital Interactive Maps provide up to 10 ways for shoppers to reach a local business!

Google Streetview Integration

We’ll create a customized 3-D/360° Virtual Tour that can be embedded and shared on a business website, Facebook page or any social medium with 3D/360 support.  A link of the Virtual Tour can also be emailed!  As a Trusted Google Partner, we’ll add the 3-D/360° Virtual Tour to Google+ Local pages, Google Maps and other Google properties and dramatically increase the rankings.


Our array of options are so affordable that even the smallest of our local businesses can afford to participate!

Meet the Team

Former Senator A.G. Crowe CEO
Ron Barthet Professional Artist
Jeremy Danos Digital Content Manager
Sarah Danos Administrative
Cade Bankston Technical Consultant

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