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Shop Local USA is now offering local businesses 2 very important strategic marketing tools that will definitely increase your sales.

Option 1 

Get your FREE trial of our Gift Certificate program with no set-up fees, no monthly fee, easy to join and you can opt out any time. 

Click here to add your business to the website offering secure Digital Gift Certificates so you will be able to quickly, safely and easily offer gift certificates on-line!  Shop Local USA will cover the cost to add you to our site, cover any and all processing fees and there are no monthly fees!  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose since this is all new and incremental revenue.  Your business will earn 75% of the sale and Shop Local USA will retain 25%.  All transactions are handled on-line with detailed activity reports.  This is the perfect way to check out on-line gift certificates and you can opt out any time you choose!  Just click on the green button below to be included or call us at 985.788.9772 for questions and/or more details.    

Option 2 

We can assist you in setting up your own on-line Digital Gift Certificate/Card on your own website and social media sites whenever you are ready to transition!  You can still be on our site but setting up your own program means more profit for your business.

Just click on the green button below to set up your own safe and secure Digital Gift Certificate program.

Why Every Local Business Needs a Gift Card

Gift cards are one of the most popular and requested presents for people of all ages. Even outside the holiday season, they are one of the most common and convenient gifts for restaurants, birthdays, graduations, baby showers and a host of other occasions.

Compete with On-Line Companies and National Stores

Most all of the big guys offer gift certificates/cards and now Shop Local USA makes it quick and easy for local businesses to set up their own process.

Brings in New Business

A well-placed gift certificate/card program has the potential to bring at least two new customers into your store, the giver and the receiver.  Most gift certificate/card shoppers end up spending more than the face value.
When a consumer buys a gift card from your store, you are automatically making a sale regardless of whether the card’s recipient ever takes one step into your store.

Add Gift Certificates/Cards to Your Website and Social Media

Add a cash register or another point of purchase to your website and your social medium pages.  When someone sees your website and would like to do business with you, a gift certificate/card option available on your site can open your door to a new customer and an instant purchase!

Gift Certificates/Cards Improve Cash Flow

Gift certificates/card programs can improve cash flow.  Offering gift certificates/cards allows you to generate revenue instantly and in advance of providing products or services.

Create More Touch Points with Your Customers

By making customers activate the gift card on-line, you can collect email addresses to add to your mailing list. This will allow you to touch base more often with your customers, which means you’ll be able to send them more sales updates, special offers and promotions.  In addition, having the gift card linked to your company’s website means customers will spend more time there if they are reloading or checking the balance on the card. This can drive additional traffic, and the longer a customer stays on your webpage, the greater the chances he or she will make another purchase.  And all this activity will result in much higher rankings on Google!


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